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Buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG online from Canada @ Price 1.9636 CAD. DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price in usa USD2.4036. DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG side effects are because of Anatomical Therapeutic action which we can find in its atc code ATC-C09CA01.  DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG dosages – specified by physician as.  DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG uses are in various complications related to ATA (anatomical therapeutic action ATC – C09CA01 ). Approved Universal name by FDA (Generic Name) for the drug is LOSARTAN POTASSIUM.

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG All Brief Details.

Generic Name – LOSARTAN POTASSIUM Availability – with Prescription Only Form of dosage – N.I
Manufacturer Company   – ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A Country of Manufacturing – Canada Medicine Market Canada
Medicine Market
Medicine Packing
1 Prescription
Medicine Price For Public In canada
1.9636 CAD
Drug Importer –
Currency of drug Price
Legal Availability for public – By prescription.
Medicine Contents
licencing Status
FDA approved
Medicine Status – In Market.


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is available in Canada and sold at almost every medical store, you can not buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG without prescription. You can Buy it from ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A.

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In international market you can buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in different brands and strengh, ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A sales it in Canada. You can not buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG without prescription. You can buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG online also from ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A. To buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG online you need prescription.


To buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG online with credit card you may need a prescription from physicians, several websites sales online with active ingredients – LOSARTAN POTASSIUM. TO buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG online at low price you should consider different brands of the generic ingredients. For fast delivery you may consider ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A. You can buy it online from ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A Canada.  DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG buy rate keep fluctuating with time and demand and this rate defines the Market price of the brand. Historical data of Drug demand fluctuation with years is given here.

 Increasing %age of  Buy online rate per year Rise or fall in Drug Demand
Increase in demand in 2010 7.8%
Purchase Rate of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in 2011 6.998348813%
Buy online demand 2012 5.8%
Online Demand in 2013 9.76%
Online Expected demand in 2016 21.03047619%
Rise in online DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG sales from 2010 to 2016 2.696214896 Times


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Medical market of  Canada  is quite competetive in accordance of ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A, To buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in Canada you have to contact pharmacy located in  Toronto and  Vancouver selling DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG like ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A. However you can buy in Canada directly contacting with ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A.

 Increasing %age of  Buy in Canada rate per year Rise or fall in Drug Demand
Increase in demand in Canada 2010 12.8%
Purchase Rate of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in 2011 12.8%
Buy demand in Canada 2012 19.4%
Demand in 2013 23.7%
Online Expected demand in Canada in 2016 26.2%
Rise in DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG sales from 2010 to 2016 2.046875 Times

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In usa it is available in different brands whose  central  ingredients are LOSARTAN POTASSIUM. DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in usa is relativly better quality and storage than any other country. ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A can supply DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG all over the usa. To BUY DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG IN USA you will need prescription. In usa physical form is available easily. To buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in USA you have to contact pharmacy located in  New York and  Washington selling DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG like ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A

 %age of  buy in USA per year Rise or fall in Drug Demand
Increase in demand in USA 2010 22.4%
Purchase Rate of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in 2011 26.4%
Buy demand in USA 2012 26.4%
Demand in 2013 37.4%
Online Expected demand in USA in 2016 21.6%
Rise in DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG sales from 2010 to 2016 0.964285714 Times

Buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG Without prescription.

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG is legally available only with a prescription, You will need a prescription from Authorized physician in Canada or your native country to buy anywhere. Online stores also require prescription to buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG. You can not buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG without prescription.


DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price list keep fluctuating, however the price of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in Canada is fixed by govt of Canada. However different brands have different price. IN brand of ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A – DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG, the price of LOSARTAN POTASSIUM is – 1.9636 CAD, in usa USD2.4036 .

 Price in Canada

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price in Canada is less than DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG  price in United Kingdom and  price in usa. This difference in DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price is because of Market demand, Cost of production and the taxes applied by different govt on ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A. Price of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in Canada – 1.9636 CAD.

However actual price keep fluctutating with time and demand, Historical data of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price.

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG Price in Canada By year Price
Price in Canada 2012 1.7636INR
Price 2013 1.6636INR
2016 Price 1.9636INR

Price in USA.

USA drugs prices are regulated and hence DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price in usa is also fixed, however the price in usa is USD2.4036, ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A supplies DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in usa through import export services. Prices of  different brands are different in usa for the Generic medicine LOSARTAN POTASSIUM.

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG Price in USA By year Price
Price in USA 2012 $2.0136
Price In 2013 $2.0036
2016 Price $2.4036

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price online

Online you can find best and most valuable price of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG, ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A online DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price is 1.9636 Canadian Dollar for delivery from Canada to any country (usa, uk or europe) ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A may charge extra. DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG active  ingredients are – LOSARTAN POTASSIUM. To buy DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG at lowest price  try to compare the Ingredients for different brands.

Price in UK.

In uk DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG is expensive comparatively USA and Canada, ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A brand price is far higher than Canada and usa. GBP 1.620969697. Uk govt have special  commission to regulate prices  but beacuse of  labor cost etc the price in uk is higher. DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG price in uk is – GBP 1.620969697. in uk several other companies sales LOSARTAN POTASSIUM.

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG Price in UK By year Price
Price in UK 2012 GBP1.480969697
Price In 2013 GBP1.720969697
2016 Price GBP1.620969697



 side effects
Every drug containing LOSARTAN POTASSIUM as its  ingredient have side effects, The main cause of side effects caused by its ingredient LOSARTAN POTASSIUM. DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG side effect is beacuse of Anatomical Therapeutic action of ingredient. Which we can determine with its ATC CODE – C09CA01.

However specific dosages side effect Potency of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG.

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG Side effects Potency by same dosage size. Potency %
 Side effect Potentiality on Pregnant Women 53.4
On childern 42.3
On the adult male and female 34.2


Side effects in childern and baby

Fda evaluation is still uncomplete. However common DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG side effects are

1. Mental activity changes by LOSARTAN POTASSIUM.

2. Metabolic changes beacuse of LOSARTAN POTASSIUM.

3. DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG caused Growth rate alteration.

Exact effects depends upon  mode of therapeutic action on childern.

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG side effects in pregnancy

Using DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG during pregnancy may raise the risk of children developing some disorder (commpon for some such kind of drugs), however it depends upon how DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG ingredients pass through placenta and may have effect on baby – Strength of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG is major factor in determination of such side effects, The possible danger in pregnancy are under research. ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A Canada publish leaflet about DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG every update to describe possible risks of using DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG side effect in pregnancy and pregnant women. You may download ASTELLAS PHARMA, S.A issued  leaflet regarding side effects of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG – LOSARTAN POTASSIUM. Pregnancy Side Effects can be easily know by Atc code of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG ATC CODE.


Exact dosage of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG – LOSARTAN POTASSIUM is prescribed by the Physician Depending upon age, weight, gender and kind of disease etc. However overdosing may cause DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG toxicity.

In case of Overdose Toxicity of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG contact  USA – 1-800-222-1222.

Poison Control UK – 0845 4647 

Poison Control India – 102

Generic name & Brand Name

Generic name is the FDA approved universal name of the drug or the chemical without branding. Brand name is the company specified name for marketing of the drug by a special name patent to them. DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG itself is a brand name.

What is DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG generic name ?

The active ingredients of the DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG are LOSARTAN POTASSIUM and its generic name is – LOSARTAN POTASSIUM.

Dosage and Route of Administration.

Exact Dosage ( how much DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG patient have to take.), Dosage form (Form of LOSARTAN POTASSIUM Medicine.) and route of administration (How LOSARTAN POTASSIUM have to be administered).

Route of Administration

The medicine DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG must be given to the patient as physician specify. however the route of administration depends upon physical form of DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG.

Dosage detail

Dosage of  DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG – LOSARTAN POTASSIUM is of the volume or size.
The clinical dosage is specified by the physician.

Expiry Period.

LOSARTAN POTASSIUM – DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG Expiry period is the time period after which DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG is not medically usable or expired.
The exact expiry period after manufacturing is 48 months. After 48 months DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG is medically not usable.
To keep LOSARTAN POTASSIUM – DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG in best condition always 25 celcius.

Drug Interactions

DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG may interact with some other drug or may have side effects.
Side effects and drug interaction caused by DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG on different organs can be calculated using ATC CODE – C09CA01.


DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG ATC CODE is The Anatomical Therapeutic Chemical (ATC) Classification Code used for the classification of this medicine According to Anatomical therapeutic action.

The DOM-LOSARTAN TAB 25MG ATC CODE approved by FDA is – C09CA01

National Medicine Code by Canada Code – 2314479